The leash that changed it all...

So it may seem silly to write a blog post about a dog leash/longline but as I’m training Lily for a nosework trial I’ve realized 6 feet is just too short. What if the nosework course challenges me and I need to send her out in front of me? This thought encouraged me to look for an 8 foot lightweight lead for a small dog (yeah right) my searches yielded only 10 foot lengths which I invitable get tangled in. Anyway at a recent ORT a fellow nosework person introduced me the gripper. The leash comes in multiple lengths and sizes for both big and small dogs. I love that the line is thin and easy to handle. The grip comes from a rubber strip woven into the leash. I can’t wait to continue using this leash for nosework with Lily. Shared because I know someone out there might be as frustrated as I was with the lack of options.

Note: This is an independent review

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