Sniff Walks

A while back I promised to write about sniff walks I had hoped to post a picture but Lily and I have been very busy preparing for an NW 1 trial so I decided just to write for now. Sniff walks are an informal way to encourage your dog to smell the world around them. I know on walks I’m always focused on walking at a certain pace while Lily is heeling. The beauty of sniff walks is that you both get to relax the only agenda is to let your dog smell wherever they like as long as it is safe to do so. Lily loves this activity because she can finally check out a lamp post or mailbox and I like the activity because I can mosey along sometimes with a camera. One important note I never do this in her search harness or give any nosework commands. This is just for fun to promote smelling in a different way. I have heard some people even join their dogs in smelling (I haven’t yet). I hope you enjoy your sniff walk.

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