Summer Fun & Giveaway

Welcome to Summer! Lily and I are giving away a nosework package to one lucky person who comments below. Summer for Lily and I so far has been a blast we have carefully returned to agility and completed our first trial. Lily and I both loved the experience, especially Lily who received a canine massage from a gifted practitioner. Don’t worry we are not giving up nosework by any means just adding in an occasional agility trial.

Since July 4th is approaching for tips on dealing with your dog I would encourage everyone to read this blog post from Dr. Patricia Mcconnell 

A few articles to add to your summer reading list, that are all good in relation to nosework:

As many of you know my books are geared toward NACSW simply because when I started nosework that was available to me. I’m always looking for new fun things and I would encourage everyone to keep an eye on this new nosework organization for more fun games (literally!).

Membership for humans is free so it might be worth signing up just to see what happens next.

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