NW 2 Trial Reflections

Lily and I recently participated NW2, it was very exciting to participate in and much to my surprise we got the title our on our first try. Lily worked very well in the misting rain and over some different types of terrain. We both had a great time but I’ve decided to take a few months to train before attempting an NW 3 I know with a smaller dog the height may prove a challenge. During the trial and shortly before we went Lily is becoming more subtle with her alerts especially under challenging conditions I need some time to respect and adjust to that. I also want to give Lily a chance to learn and excel while enjoying the journey with her. Lately I’ve been reading where so many dogs are shutting down because they were asked to do too much too fast. We are also considering working a bit on agility at a lower jump height that seems to work well with her shoulder issues.

For those of you on your way to an NW2 or any level I encourage you  to have a way to de-stress for yourself and your dog. Lily loves our dance routine and we will be continuing that. One of my favorite photos of the day Lily saying yes I did it, treat please... and a big thank you to Jennifer Boyd (CandidK9satyahoo.com) for offering her photos free of charge. 

I know some of you are looking for volume 3 and that is in the very early stages. What would you like to see included?

© Abby Razer 2014