Thoughts on ORT

Update: Lily worked beautifully and passed her anise ORT. The ORT was a wonderful experience and it was great to meet new people.

Lily and I are getting ready to complete her anise ORT (At this point Lily is thinking yay more boxes my favorite!). She already passed birch and clove. Looking back I wished I had started training her with birch as discussed in volume 1 and continued directly onto the other odors once she was confident with birch. By doing this you can test for all 3 odors at one ORT. That way if you pass all three you are set for future trials if not you can always repeat the odor you need later, which is great additional practice.

Thank you to Comfort Flex on Facebook for sharing the Volume 2 book release. In addition, don’t forget the giveaways are still happening in the previous blog posts.

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