The journey of nosework… Vol. 2 release

I am very pleased to announce that Canine Nosework Vol. 2- Teamwork and fun with your dog, Continuing Nosework Basics to the NW 1 Trial will be going live as an ebook on amazon today (or Monday, amazon is having a fit with the final upload)! I know many of you enjoy the print version of vol. 1 and it will be coming. I’d like to ask each of you who read vol. 2 an opptunity to provide any feedback you might have before going to press with the print version. 

In terms of a journey writing this volume has been just that. I wanted to include so much material sometimes it was difficult to know when to stop I hope I’ve found the balance. The lesson videos will hopefully continue to be updated most were filmed several months ago and Lily has grown in her nosework as have I in that short time. At the very least I would like to record Lily in her most happy mode working confidently off leash and wagging as she goes. More on that transformation in another blog post to supplement Chapter 19 of vol. 2. I hope you enjoy the new volume of nosework with your canine pal.

© Abby Razer 2014