Remembering to make nosework fun and play games

Nosework for Lily and I is always fun but lately I’ve been reminded that some days are more fun than others. Here are a few things to do to increase the fun. 

  • Remember to offer frequent potty breaks between searches (after practice boxes is a good time to offer)
  • Change up your reward, Lily is a fan of dehydrated chicken (recipe to follow) and CloudStar Liver Treats 
  • Change the goal of your search. For example, set a hide or two hides, if your dog is at that level. Then ask your dog to search off leash as fast as they can. If they find the hide great job! If not slow down and enjoy yourself. Moving faster helps me just to search and not get bogged down in the finer points of searching. Lily thinks faster is so much fun!

On a side note here is a recent blog post from Dr. Patricia McConnell with some great books to read. 

Below is a video of Lily searching for an inaccessible hide in the car door. She was rewarded after the video. 

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