Reflections on a weekend of nosework, Part II

Lily and I recently attended two whole days of nosework; what fun we both had. The second day was the NW1 trial, our third time out it was nice to have the success of the element trial from the previous day going into the trial. The first element was the exterior. Lily was very interested in the perimeter cones which I assume collected odor but could not have the odor on them. We continued to search and she alerted correctly on a chair. The next search was a small lab classroom for the interior. I’ve been building my confidence both in practice and during the elements to run Lily off leash. Prior to coming to the trial I decided that I would allow Lily to run off leash if the area contained several chairs or tables. I knew that her leash gets easily tangled around chair legs and I can always put her leash back on if needed. She worked very well and stayed in the search area to successfully locate the hide on the base of a chair. The lunch break provided time to relax and Lily received a snack with water added to get ready for the last two searches container and vehicles.

The afternoon was warmer and I could see Lily slowing down a bit but she successfully alerted on the correct box but I could tell she put a little extra thought into the search and took an extra trip around the boxes to be sure. The vehicles were directly after the containers. Lily and I had a couple minutes between so I spent the time giving her a quick massage in hopes she would keep working even though I knew she was getting tired and warm. Lily went straight to the hide in the ball of a hitch but I wanted to be extra sure so I challenged her a bit since vehicles have been problematic in the past. Yay! Lily got it!!

A very fun and successful weekend we also received the Harry Award, unexpected and very special. We are both looking forward to moving towards NW2 and who knows maybe another book… I would encourage everyone to continue to trial if you are both enjoying the journey if it takes you several tries. 

© Abby Razer 2014