Mystery Book Sale and Sniff On

I hope everyone is doing well in these interesting times. I wanted to let everyone know that the books will be on sale starting this Sunday. This is the perfect time to grab a book and start the NACSW virtual skills challenge. You can find more information at

I know I’m behind in my blogs I’ve been focusing on real life and puppy training :-) I wanted to let everyone know that before the covid virus Lily and Merlin trialed at an AKC trial in Missouri I was thrilled by the fun we all had. Lily earned her novice title and many other placements (Note for handlers write down your AKC Q’s I didn’t even realize until we got home). Merlin rocked his first trial and even better he managed to be quiet in his crate while he waited his turn. 

I also feel like everyone should know Lily had a mass cell tumor removed. To the best of our knowledge we think she is in remission. We are living life to our best with extra treats along the way. 

I am sending everyone positive vibes and happy sniffing. To help with that the books will be on sale this week so keep an eye on Amazon. Please feel free to post what fun you are having with your dogs. Sniffing fun and pictures will followw this post soon. 

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