Goldilocks and the Three Bears (The Crate Search)

Recently I decided my crate I’ve been using for many years and past dogs could probably stand to retire. So I started looking at various crates on the market; I knew I wanted something I could easily manage and Lily would be statisfied to stay in by herself. As a youngster she had seperation anxiety and sometimes small crates will cause her to howl very loudly. 

The plastic kennel I use now is approximately the 24” size. For trialing I very much wanted something with wheels. I started with this model that was billed as sturdy and with wheels. When I received the crate I realized it was much too heavy to carry but it did seem very sturdy. The part I just couldn’t understand was the handle is so short you can’t use it to roll the crate. In addition, the casters didn’t appear that they would hold up.

Going back to the drawing board I stumbled across the Skudo Crate. So far I love the crate and the few minor issues I have with it I’m willing to live with. The crate has optional heavy duty casters that I purchased for rolling. I’ve rolled over pavement, grass, hardwood and carpet without a problem. I did spend time with Lily to get her used to a crate that moves. The front casters lock in place but when the crate is on the floor I “chalk” the rear casters with a block since Lily is motion sensitive. The best part is the handle swings up for rolling much like a suitcase and locks down for carrying. In addition, their is a small space for a leash or treats in the top.

Lily testing the Skudo Crate

The sides do have plastic clips which is ok since the crate has screw holes, I plan to add a few just in case. The only think I don’t really care for is the door releases that allow the door to be removed (does anyone actually do this?). Those places where the door fits in can wobble a bit and make the door a bit out of line. I solved the problem by centering the door and packing the door seat with a piece of Vetwrap. A minor problem that the wheels and handle far outweigh. For use in the car I use a yoga mat on my seat to keep the crate from moving or leaving impressions in my seat. The 27” and up size has the caster option. The bowl on top is part of the popware line, it flips up nicely when not in use and attaches to the door (holder not pictured). Great for keeping other dogs out of your dog’s water.

I also checked out this pop up crate for a lighter weight kennel for supervised use. I like the heavier weight, solid door and no skid bottom. 


What does your dog think of their crate?

© Abby Razer 2014