Canine Therapy

In the last few months Lily and I have decided to leave formal agility training since her shoulder has become unstable. In the process of her ongoing therapy and rehabilitation I wanted to share some of the resources that I believe could benefit all dogs; especially since many dogs enter nosework since the sport is lower impact than agility.  Many dogs will stretch their own limbs without human help but some need help and the books listed here are a great place to start.  Some of the exercises introduce new postures and surfaces so it is important to go slow and be positive.  On a side note introducing these surfaces may benefit you in the nosework world to help your dog when they experience a novel surface in that environment.  If you have concerns seek out your veterinarian or a canine therapist before starting.

Canine Massage Book & Companion Dvd by Sue Furman, PhD

This is a very well written text about canine massage with anatomy included so you can understand which muscles and areas of the body you are working with and impacting. I just received the DVD but I am very excited to continue my learning.

Canine Cross Training: Building Balance, Strength and Endurance in Your Dog by Sasha Foster

This is a wonderful book written by a canine therapist for those of us who don’t have access to a formal rehab facility. The exercises mirror and expand upon those found in the veterinary rehab texts. Do yourself a favor and buy the paper version so you can make notes as you go. It is worth noting that you should skip to the end prior purchasing any rehab equipment because depending on your dog’s activity the chart indicates what level they need to work up to. i.e. agility dogs would work up to a higher level than say a therapy dog. For some of the equipment I purchased I was able to save a few dollars by purchasing the human version. It is unfortunate that this book’s video content is only available for purchase from the author and not included with the book purchase. The other companion volume about stretching your dog video is currently available to rent from amazon on demand here 

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