Nosework Questions, part 2

I love amazon reviews it helps promote canine nosework and inspires the work I’m currently doing on volume 2. A recent reviewer asked for more from volume 1. So I would like to know, What do you want to know?

When to reward?

A wonderful blog post by Dr. Patricia McConnell focused my thoughts on when to reward our dogs.  Obviously, in my opinion for a novice nosework dog you want to reward after each successful find or when you help the dog find the odor when they have tried their best.  …

New Book Canine Nosework: Training Log

Great news you can now journal your nosework practice and trials in a specially designed nosework log. The log contains 20 logs that can be used more than once. The book is available through Amazon.

Book Giveaway

Two Autographed Copies of Canine Nosework Vol. 1 are being given away with Goodreads. Click the link below to signup.

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Canine Nosework Vol. 1

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Motivating your dog- article of the week

Lately I’ve been seeing this article mentioned everywhere. A recent study indicates that dogs prefer petting over praise and that praise needs to be coupled with a primary reinforcer to be most effective. …

Coming Soon Nosework Training Log

Lily and I are pleased to announce that coming soon in paperback will be a nosework training log. I hope everyone will be able to use the log to take notes on their nosework sessions and make improvements or note successes. 

Book Review

I wanted to tip all of you off that Suzanne Hetts new book is available 12 Terrible Dog Training Mistakes Owners Make That Ruin Their Dog's Behavior...And How To Avoid Them on Kindle for free and also in paperback. …

What would you like to learn?… Vol. 2

I’m slowly gathering my thought for volume 2 of Canine Nosework which will deal with the NW1 trial. What wold you like to learn? What issues do you have with your training? Please add your thoughts below.

Favorite Dog Books

The lovely relaxing labor day weekend allowed me to dive into some leisure reading. I started reading a series by Neil Plakcy the first book In Dog We Trust is proving to be an exciting mystery. …

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